I can Dream, Can't I:
Out to Lunch, Token Women
I Got Rhythm:
Looking Back, Peeping Tom
I Guess it Doesn't Matter any More:
Eight More Bars Please, Tenpenny Bit
I have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue:
The South Wind, Bursledon Village Band
I looked East and I looked West:
The Old Hat Dance Band, The Old Hat Dance Band
I wish, I wish:
Vanilla, Blowzabella
Ice House Schottische No. 2:
Toadstone, Random
If you will not have me you may let me go:
Setting it Right, The Band of the Rising Sun
I'll get Married in my Old Clothes:
Ready to Start Again, Spinach for Norman
I'm Walking:
In your dreams, The Kitchen Girls
In and Out the Windows:
Swing your Partners, Fleece Yard Ceilidh Band
In Continental Mood:
Vanilla, Blowzabella
In my Life:
Feeling Frisky, The Band of the Rising Sun
In the Toyshop:
Reformed Characters, Flowers and Frolics
Tripping, Workhouse
Indian Polka:
Still Swanning, The Old Swan Band
Indian Queen:
Spirits of another sort, All Blacked Up
Rainy Day, Ran Tan Band
After the Brawl, Stocai
The Eyes have it, Peeping Tom
Interstellar Overdrive:
Port in a Teacup, Chalktown
Into the Light:
Into the Light, Asha
'Ippy Merde:
Out to Lunch, Token Women
Irish Hautboy:
Art Gecko, Geckoes
Irish Speed the Plough:
The Pleasures of the Town, Aardvark Ceilidh Band
The Pleasures of the Town, Aardvark Ceilidh Band
Iron Legs:
Champagne Brawl, Stocai
Iron Man:
Evolution of the Lazy Tongue, Bedlam
Furze Cat, Hekety
Into the Light, Asha
Islands of Steel:
Stormy Weather, Wheelwright's Bane
It never Rains...:
Rainy Day, Ran Tan Band
Italian Jig:
Waltzing for Pleasure and Profit, Hosepipe Band
It's only Natural:
Cheetahs, Wheelwright's Bane
I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts:
Wingin', Steamchicken
Ivor's Jive:
Hells Bells, Hosepipe Band