Hekety Live Demo

Hekety, 1999, CD

  • Holtwood Reel (Jess Gleaves)
  • Pender's Fen (John Swaine)
  • Spirit of the Dance (Trad)
  • The Gallery / Venus of Levenshulme (Simon Heywood)


Hekety, 2001, HECKCD01

  • The Bulls Jig Reel / The Millwheel (T. Gleaves)
  • Holtwood Reel (Jess Arrowsmith)
  • The Old Wife of Coverdale / The Butterfly (Trad)
  • Stolen from Sue / The Road from Ipswich (Jess Arrowsmith, T. Gleaves)
  • Panaché de Main (Richard Arrowsmith)
  • Port & Stilton (Jess Arrowsmith)

Furze Cat

Hekety, 2004, WGS319CD

  • Downhill Dream (Richard Arrowsmith)
  • Rice (C. Ashton) / The Man Tiger (Trad arr Hekety)
  • Rambling Sailor / (Trad arr Hekety)
  • Thank You Letter (Gavin Davenport)
  • Elvaston Castle (Jess Arrowsmith)
  • Jakes Jig (G. Turner) / Battle Swing (J.C & F Gutchen)
  • The Water Goat March / Scampering Nell (Richard Arrowsmith)
  • Holtwood Reel (Jess Arrowsmith)
  • Panaché de Main / Mure Sauvage (Richard Arrowsmith)
  • Isabell (Trad arr Hekety) / Trip to the Observatory (Richard Arrowsmith and Gavin Davenport)
  • Furze Cat (Gavin Davenport)
  • Young Collings / Jamaica (Trad arr Hekety)

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