Occasionally a review is difficult. Not because you find yourself liking a bad band or disliking a good one but because on another evening, at another dance, you know people will come away with a completely different impression.

I suspect that Stocai is going to be one of those bands. People will love them or wonder what the fuss is about and which way the coin comes down will probably depend on the caller.

Stocai play mainly their own tunes plus a mix from France, Scandinavia and beyond. Not a standard English Ceilidh/Folk dance selection, some tunes work better than others of course and some require a little more polishing as dance tunes to give them that necessary 'lift'. They are not tunes which work with heavyfooted 'one two three kick jump' type ceilidh dances. Stocai are not a Rock Ceilidh band in that respect. Even more than with Token Women, they need a very careful matching of the dance to the music. The good news is that, when it works, it really works really well!


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