'Pathologically Acoustic' band from the Northwest of England playing local tunes. Lively without being electric, necessarily lower key than the southern 'English Ceilidh' bands and with less forced 'lift' - you do tend to dance on the floor rather than above it. Still a good sign of what is being lost in the Rock/Jazz/Euro development in the south.

Used to be The Band of the Rising Sun until 1998, They moved to a shorter name when they became a smaller band...


Feeling Frisky

The Band of the Rising Sun, 1993, Frisk Music, Cassette only (?)

Side A

  • Bonny Kate / Nae Good Luck about the House / Browns Rant
  • Money in both Pockets / Berry's Fancy / St Georges Day
  • Soul Cake
  • Tub Dance
  • Hazzard Hollow (Jean Ritchie)
  • Punchanellos / Dusty Miller / Old Lancaster Hornpipe
  • Frog in a Corner (Pete Coe) / Royal Burlesque Hornpipe / Light Horse March

Side B

  • Bielbies Hornpipe / Kirkgate Hornpipe
  • Rising Sun / Carpenter's Morris
  • In my Life (Lennon and McCartney)
  • Bowman's Minuet / Once I had a True Love / Hector of Edgeworths Hornpipe
  • Medicine Man (John Mayall)
  • York Winter Assembly / Yorkshire Lad
  • Four Seasons / Morgan Rattler

Setting it Right

The Band of the Rising Sun, 1996, Folksound records, FSCD37. Reviewed in Stirrings

  • Grand Hornpipe / The Waterfall (M. Lynott)
  • French Liberty / Four Bare Legs Together / Long Room at Scarborough
  • Charlesworth Hornpipe (I. McGrady) / Oldham Rowling Hornpipe
  • Hard Times (H. Whitehead / H. Boardman)
  • Dutch Skipper / The Molecatcher / The Norwegian Hornpipe and Waltz
  • Wounded Hussar / Millers Jig / Sword Dance
  • Oldham White Hare
  • Berwick Jockey / Our Cat has Kitted / If you will not have me you may let me go
  • Northern Lass / The New Road to Alston
  • Lancaster Lasses / Buxton Races / Three Coney Walk
  • Morpeth Rants / Oldham Rant / Uplands Rant (I. Ball)
  • Cheshire Rolling Hornpipe / Dovehouses (P. Knowles)
  • Go George I Can't Endure You