Don't get this band wrong if they start out with a unadorned dance tune in the most straightfaced of English Country dance styles. An Accordion, Keyboard and Mouth Organ band can sound pretty straight if it wants to but this band don't continue that way for long - they let rip with a Folk and Trad Jazz mix with an amazing swing.

If you like the swing of, say Junction 24, then you'll very much like Steamchicken as well...


Never Mind the Dots....

How else to name a live recorded CD which has such a flavour of swing and experiment? Leave the dots on the paper.....

The Great White Steamchicken, 1999, CD

  • Chicken Reel / Pick a Bale of Cotton
  • Salmontails Jig
  • Little Redwing / Bow Legged Chicken
  • The Chicken and the Gridiron
  • Cock of the North
  • Monk's March / Apple Tree
  • Woodland Frolics / Jollity Farm
  • Chinese Breakdown / Old Joe Clark
  • Drops of Brandy / Ufouria (Woodward)
  • Jojo's Jig (Crum)
  • My Love She is a Lassie / Let Yourself Go / Semper Fideles
  • Dashing White Sergeant / Five Foot Two
  • Constant Billy / Upton upon Severn Stick Dance
  • Farewell to Gibraltar


Steamchicken, 2006, CD

  • Flop Eared Mule / Turkey in the Straw
  • Huntsman's Chorus / Jazz Band Ball (N. La Rocca)
  • The Stranger (A. Sharpe) / The General
  • Lodge Road / Jenny Lind Polka
  • Athol Highlanders
  • Nobels Nautical Nuts (T. Crum) / I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts
  • Boanopstekker
  • Gobby's Hornpipe (W. Pound)
  • Waltz for Time
  • Flog the Conkers
  • (M. Crum)
  • Drops of Brandy / Two Sisters
  • T'old Wife
  • Stop the Cavalry
  • Killekrankie / New Rigged Ship