Eagle's Whistle:
Looking Good, Peeping Tom
East Tennessee Blues:
The Electric Effect, Hoedown
Easy Club Reel:
The Pleasures of the Town, Aardvark Ceilidh Band
Drop the Reed, Belshazzar's Feast
Eighth of January:
Barndancing, Famous Potatoes
Eight-step waltz:
Landslide, Hosepipe Band
El Paso Schottische:
Union Specific, Grand Union
El Sombrero Grande:
Skirl Naked, Whapweasel
Elacott Park:
First Bites, Albatross Pie
Elephant's Nest:
Say I am Dancing, All Blacked Up
Elsie Marley:
Splitting the Night, Florida
Untitled, Florida
Elvaston Castle:
Furze Cat, Hekety
Elzic's Farewell:
Barndancing, Famous Potatoes
Chaos in One, Banjax
Emilia's Angels:
The Resolution, Dave Whetstone
Emily's Waltz:
Toadstone, Random
Empty Road:
Come Dancing, Climax Ceilidh Band
En Dro:
Art Gecko, Geckoes
Encore du Vin:
Encore du Vingt, Cock and Bull
Splitting the Night, Florida
After the Brawl, Stocai
Machine without Horses, StÖmp
Harkelees 1987 - 1993, Harkelees
Captain Swing and other likely stories!!!!, Captain Swing
Dancemusic, The Committee Band
A sight for sore eyes, Peeping Tom
Rhythms of the Wold, Rod Stradling
Enviken's Waltz:
Extended Procrastination, Mawkin
'Ere You (YrjÖ Holmin polka):
Dancemusic, The Committee Band
Eric's Son's Waltz:
Hells Bells, Hosepipe Band
Evan's Delight:
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance. Vol2, Belshazzar's Feast
Evesham Stick Dance:
Still Swanning, The Old Swan Band
Evolution Waltz:
First Bites, Albatross Pie