Another band springing, like Saxophony, from the ashes of Gas Mark Five, with a publicity blurb which says:

Chalktown features two former Gas Mark 5 members - Michael Davidson on Guitars (wrote most of the tunes on the much acclaimed Gas Mk 5 album Guizers) and Rob Gifford on drums (who also plays with Stömp and the Committee Band) - with the addition of Paul Scourfield on melodeon, (winner of the 1997 Sidmouth Melodeon Competition), Trevor Lines on bass (also works with Carlene Anglin and various Jazz, Indian and Balkan bands), and Martin Hathaway on Saxophones (well known Jazz musician).

The band plays mainly its own material, their style combining the various Folk, Jazz and Rock influences of the band.



Chalktown, 1997, Cassette

  • Borthwick Castle / Bullsmoor Lane (M. Davidson)
  • Off to the Hunt / Pay the Reckoning (Trad)
  • The Hero's Return (M. Davidson)
  • Balding Billy (P. Scourfield)
  • Dusky Ruth (M. Davidson)

Port in a Teacup

Chalktown, 2000, CD

  • Meatbird / Interstellar Overdrive (M. Davidson)
  • Clint / Long Sutton Flood (M. Davidson)
  • Ramshackle Jig Port in a Teacup (M. Davidson)

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