Bedlam Bus Stop

Bedlam, 1994, Cassette only.

Side A

Side B

Fair Field, No Favour

Bedlam, 1995, SYNMC02, Cassette only.

Side A

Side B

Four Play

Bedlam, 1997, SYNM.CD.0003

Evolution of the Lazy Tongue

Bedlam, 2000, SYNM.CD.0004

A CD with more than its fair share of haunting tunes, try to tear yourself away from Adrian's Tune or Breeches full of Stitches, try to picture hall full of dancers dancing Playford to Bedlam's Nonsuch.... If your experience of Bedlam is of them belting out tunes, fast and furious, then Evolution shows they've got depth beyond that...

See the Evolution review by Green Man. (Bedlam? Comfortable? Like an English Pub? Ehhh?), and the Living Tradition's review

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