Dance in the time of Corona:

Expect that events will be postponed or cancelled.
Webfeet will try to pick up and pass on cancellation announcements but make no assumptions; follow the links and see what the organiser's and band's home pages say. If you are a band or organiser and you cancel an event, update all your publicity to say so (gig list, facebook events pages, ticket agency pages etc, etc).
If webfeet is not picking up that an event is cancelled, email me.


... and what's on:

There are some online or streamed gigs. As above if you are running one and it is not listed as such, email me.

Types and Styles:


Searches the webfeet site and neighbouring pages.

  • It's now possible to search for events, looking for example for gigs by a particular band, at a particular place or in a particular area.

Annotated eCeilidh:


  • The help file gives hints about finding your way round the Webfeet site better and a FAQ, containing some Occasionally Asked Questions
  • The overview gives more background if you want dates and events included.

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