Earthworks - used to be a lively, Suffolk based, local band who got the energy/subtlety/interest balance just right for dancing. Utterly memorable for their Thrash Polka, even if you met it just the once. The 'unthrash' introduction allowed you to get into the swing of the dance, then a short pause, the tune returned with attitude and the feet had some serious catching up to do....

The Earthworks' style is carried on by Workhouse, the music picking up a few more reggae influences than Earthworks but in there's the same enthusiasm.

Earthworks: Humours

Earthworks, 1991, Cassette only

Side A:

  • Humours of Tullochrine (Trad) / Bad Boys of Dunkirk (C. Taylor)
  • Buttered Peas (Trad)
  • Dance Down (N. Mellor)
  • Balquidder Lasses (Trad)
  • Harper's Frolic (Trad) / Bonny Kate (Trad)
  • Annan Water (Trad)
  • Packington's Pound (Trad) / Thrash Polka
  • (Trad)

Side B:

  • Jack's Alive (Trad) / The Fiery Clockface (Trad)
  • She moved through the Fair (Trad / N. Mellor)
  • Felucca (Trad / A. Brown / P. Hughes)
  • Rochdale Coconut Dance (Trad)
  • Gilsland Hornpipe (Trad) / Linhope Lope (Trad)
  • Barrack Street (Trad) / William and Nancy (Trad)
  • Morgan's Rattler (Trad)
  • Bad Boys (Remix) (C. Taylor)

Workhouse: Tripping

Workhouse, 1996, CD

  • Sgt Early's Dream (Trad)
  • Redesdale Hornpipe (Trad) / Sunshine (Mellor)
  • Mother's Ruin (Trad) / B.F.M. (Trad)
  • Jenny (Mellor)
  • Tarts & Vicars (Trad) / Battle of Augrim (Trad)
  • The Wrong Trousers (Hughes) / Musical Priest (Trad)
  • The Firing Line (Mellor)
  • Incognito (Trad) / Polkaski Ouzo (Mellor)
  • Little House (Trad) / Stick the Knife in (Trad)
  • Pigeon on the Gate (Trad) / The Ash Plant (Trad)

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