Another one of the more deceptive English Ceilidh bands, not loud and no drums but playing with a style that can leave you considerably exhausted after a handful of dances. They have a nice touch and play the tunes with a good lift tempting you to dance quite a bit more energetically than planned. It was also the case that a number of tunes were on the fast side - it wasn't the classic "music with holes" giving space and time for improvisation. In particular the most excellent Old John Peel/Tom Cave pair cries out to be played at a schottische-able speed....

When I saw them, with Keith Chandler calling, there were more square dances than is usual in English Ceilidh and no free-style polkas and schottisches until the end of the evening.



Cassette only?

Geckoes, 1992

  • Don Tremaine's / Donald Blue
  • Mazurka d'Auvergne
  • Morgan Rattler / Giga Ferrarese
  • The High Tea / Johnny Todd
  • Lemmy Brazil's
  • Saut de Lapin
  • Harry Parry / Dubuque / Liza Jane
  • Two Engelskas
  • Star above the Garter / Napoleon Crossing the Rhine
  • The London Schottische
  • The Sloe
  • The Stool of Repentance

Art Gecko

Geckoes, 1995, OCK 003Gti

  • Roman Candle
  • Don Tremaine's
  • O let me in this ae night / En Dro
  • Ronde
  • When I parted / Gradgrind's Fancy
  • Salt Fish and Dumplings / Stybarrow Crag
  • La Polveita Fiera / Kelso Accordion and Fiddle club
  • Snowy Monday / My Darling Asleep
  • The Old John Peel / Tom Cave's
  • Look He's Crying / Scottishe de Penhöet
  • Sauvé par la Sonnerie / Kybald Street
  • Salamanca
  • Hairy Mary / Sweary Mary
  • Tom and Dulcie and Chocolate and Bananas
  • The Morning Star / The Irish Hautboy Slingsby's Reel

Reviewed in Paul Dengate's PDCS site.

Red Horse

Geckoes, 1999, OCK 060

  • Da Full Rigged Ship / The Lad that keeps the Cattle
  • The Great North Run '86 / Dark Girl Dressed in Blue / Aiken Drum
  • The Alewife and her Barrels / Venosc
  • Sommarvals / The Furse Field
  • Market Rasen Quickstep / Louth Quickstep
  • The Red Horse / The Shaven Crown / The Lamb
  • The Silver Spire / Far From Being Gruntled
  • I Do Not Incline / Tousle Yer Kerchie
  • True Blue / London Hornpipe / Jack The Horse Courser
  • Scottish à Brice / Trip to the Bar
  • Nickely Wood / The Cream Pot
  • Morris Dance / The Knife Edge
  • Ffaniglen / Suddo Heb Oirhain

Reviewed by Musical Traditions and also by Green Man.

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