The Old Swan Band Still Swanning

The Old Swan Band, 1995, FRCD31
Compilation album celebrating 21 years of OSB.

  • Walter Bulwer's Polkas, 1 and 2 (Trad arr Rod Stradling)
  • Bonnets so Blue / Starry Night for a Randy / Uncle's Jig (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Not for Joe / Oscar Wood's Polka / Heel and Toe Polka (Trad arr Rod Stradling)
  • The Man in the Moon / Fire Burning Bright / Varsoviarna (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Dannish Waltz / Indian Polka / Rigs of Marlow (Trad arr Rod Stradling)
  • Dan Leno's Boat (Trad arr Rod Stradling)
  • Sherbourne Waltz / Lovely Nancy (Trad arr Rod Stradling)
  • Curley Headed Ploughboy / The Quaker / Three around Three (Trad arr Rod Stradling)
  • The Rose Polka (Laybourne) / JB Milne's Polka (Fitchett)
  • The Matelot / Michael Turner's Jig / Captain Lemo's Slow March (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Can't Stop Polka / Evesham Stick Dance (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Symondsbury / Mummer's Tune / Dr Casey's Finbook / My Love, My Love (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Trip to the Forest / The Triumph / Bourton Six (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Speed the Plough (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Staffordshire Hornpipe / Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunts (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Woodcutter's Jig (P.Headford) / Swedish Dance (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Little Polly / Double Eight Figure (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Old Heddon of Fawley / The Marriage Vow (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Gloucester Hornpipe / Polly put the Kettle on (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • Give us some Treacle and Bread (Trad arr Old Swan band) / Mrs Caxton's Polka (P.Rush)
  • Worcestershire Hornpipe / Morning Star (Trad arr Old Swan band)
  • The Vine Tree (P.Burgess)
  • The Sloe (Trad arr Old Swan band)

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Swan Upmanship

The Old Swan Band, 2004, WGS320CD

  • The Green-Clad Hills / Jimmy Garson's March
  • Jack Robinson / William Irwin's No. 3 / The Tipputs (P.Burgess and J.Burgess)
  • Steamboat Hornpipe / Gloucester Hornpipe
  • General Ward (P.Burgess) / The Day Room (P.Burgess)
  • Winster Gallop / Four-Hand Reel / Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
  • Church Street / Redwing (K. Wills) / St. Mary's
  • Flowers of Edinburgh / Soldier's Joy / Morpeth Rant
  • Wenlock Edge / Summer Waltz
  • (Ale Möller) /
  • Flowers of Edinburgh
  • Schottis Fran Havero / Another Fine Mess
  • George Green's College Hornpipe
  • Basquet of Oysters and Sally Sloanes
  • Freedom of Ireland / Kitchen Girl
  • Beatrice Hill's Three-Hand Reel
  • Ger the Rigger / Mickey Chewing Bubble Gum

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