Giant!, Gig CB!
Joanna, Bismarcks
English, The Posh Band
Melodeon Mania, Simon Ritchie
Valse à Denis:
46 Church Street, RBB
Valse à Judet:
46 Church Street, RBB
Valse d'Hiver:
Spirits of another sort, All Blacked Up
Valse Ecossaise:
Harkelees 1987 - 1993, Harkelees
Valse Haute:
Encore du Vingt, Cock and Bull
Valsivien Di Omo:
Rhythms of the Wold, Rod Stradling
Vapours in the Sand:
Cheetahs, Wheelwright's Bane
Variation on the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba:
The Electric Effect, Hoedown
Varsoviannas 1 and 2:
Harkelees 1987 - 1993, Harkelees
Still Swanning, The Old Swan Band
Vaughan's Ramble:
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance. Vol2, Belshazzar's Feast
Venus from Levenshulme:
English Ceilidh Bands, Compilation
Venus of Levenshulme:
Live Demo, Hekety
Jabadaw, Jabadaw
Vermouth Schottische:
Out of The Coop, Fox Amongst the Chickens
Out to Lunch, Token Women
Very Shy:
Batteries not included, Electropathics
Vicar of Yeldam:
Landslide, Hosepipe Band
Victor's Return:
A sight for sore eyes, Peeping Tom
English, The Posh Band
Four Play, Bedlam
Ville de Quebec:
The Old Hat Dance Band, The Old Hat Dance Band
Below the Belt, Cock and Bull
Vilnius Tanze:
Guizers, Gas Mark V
Vine Tree:
Still Swanning, The Old Swan Band
Vinegar Tom:
Skirl Naked, Whapweasel
Viva Seguin:
Barndancing, Famous Potatoes
Voici la St Jean:
Pumped up and Loaded, Cock and Bull
Encore du Vingt, Cock and Bull
Headonic Ranking, The Café Sol Band
Vuoma-Pertti's mazurka:
Dancemusic, The Committee Band