If a particular French/Breton tune in a session or dance seems somewhat familiar, it's worth checking whether it was played by Blowzabella. They have left a lasting mark on the scene.

They play a lot of French/Breton for dances, as you would expect, not so much English. Remarkable music, good for getting to know bourrées and schottisches.


Blowzabella, 1990, SPDCD 1028

  • Spaghetti Panic
  • La Bella C'est Endormir / Famous Wolf
  • Jan Mijne Man / Go Mauve
  • Fulmine Cockade
  • Beanfield / Monster Cafe
  • I wish, I wish
  • Down Side / Solveig's Song / Doctor Feg
  • Horizonto
  • In Continental Mood / The Old Queen / Flatworld
  • A Lover's Ghost
  • The R.S.B and the Hobb
  • Spaghetti Panic (live)

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