If I ever got round to writing up a full entry for Ran Tan, it would be a full blown eulogy. They would have my vote as the band which defined 'English Ceilidh' as distinct from English Folk or Country dance... This was well after the shake up that bands like the Albion Dance and Old Swan Bands introduced with their approach in the times of 'Folk Rock'. Ran Tan were different in that they played, as far as I remember, virtually all schottisches and played them with a considerable swing. Sadly and sorely missed...

Folk Roots did a review of them back in 19?? which included the enigmatic denial that they could be compared to Filarfolket. Sufficiently enigmatic to make it worth looking up Scandinavian music if the Ran Tan style attracts.

(The Stocai pages shows that there are still some Ran Tan members playing English Ceilidh)


The Big Cheese

Ran Tan Band, 1988, HUM001, Cassette only.

Side A

  • Quadrille de Chez Nous (P. Bruneau) / Liquorice Reel
  • Herbert the Sherbet (M. Ellison) / Andy's Haircut (F. Booth)
  • Swedish Waltz (M. Perrone)
  • Lunesdale Gavotte
  • The Mysterious Window (F. Booth) / Maitiña

Side B

  • Queen Atlantic (D. Staber) / Swansea Hornpipe
  • Pete's Jig (P. Gammon) / Cantiga de Santa Maria
  • Cherry Blossom Polka / La Valentine
  • The Big Cheese (M. Hazell and F. Booth)
  • Polka Town (F. Jimenez) / The Barren Rocks of Aden

Rainy Day

Ran Tan Band, 1991, HUM002, Cassette only.

Side A

  • Hamburger (Trad) / Infinity (S.Booth)
  • Joe Hutton's March (A.Dagg) / Hog-eyed Man (Trad)
  • It never Rains... (M.Ellison) / French Canadian Reel (Trad)
  • Quindard Hornpipe (Trad) / Staten Island Hornpipe (Trad)
  • Soho Hornpipe (Trad) / Washington Hornpipe (Trad)
  • Today or Tomorrow (E.Girardon)
  • Cirrus (M.Hazell) / A Rainy Day (Trad)

Side B

  • Ribchester Snake Dance (M.Hazell/M.Ellison)
  • A Bruna (A.Seoane)
  • Ti Mé (Trad) / Drowsy Maggie (Trad)
  • Oberek (Trad) / Le Pobre Nobio (Trad) / Louis' first tune (Trad)
  • Skimmity Ride (M.Ellison)
  • Pa Rygg (M.Eden) / Ladies of Tring (M.Ellison)
  • Coat and Bottle (Trad) / Coat and Bottle (P.Reeve I have made myself a new fur-lined coat / It's funny you should say that, i just happen to have a bottle in my bag)
  • Do the Snake (M.Hazell / M.Ellison)

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