Flowers and Frolics Reformed Characters

Flowers and Frolics, 2000, HEBECD002, CD

  • Grandfather's (Trad) / He Played his Ukelele as the Ship Went Down (Le Clerq) / Mickey Mouse's Son and Daughter (Lisbona, Conner)
  • Ned Kelly's Fancy / The Woolloomooloo Lair / The Cunnemulla Stockman's Jig / The Manchester Gallop (Trad)
  • Bill Bailey (Cannon) / Woodland Revels (Trad)
  • Wotcha (Chevalier, Ingle)
  • Hot Punch / Family Jig / Uncle's Jig (Trad)
  • Silverton Polka (Trad)
  • Two Little Girls in Blue (Graham)
  • Down the Road / See Me Dance the Polka (Trad)
  • Martin (Robinson)
  • A Starry Night for a Ramble (Trad) / The Watercress Girl (Stubbings) / The Mudgee Waltz (Trad)
  • Whistling Prince / The Mudgee Schottische / Harry Cotter's Schottische (Trad)
  • Sunny Afternoon (R.D.Davies)
  • Shufflin' Sam (Burns)
  • Shores of Botany Bay (Trad)
  • Walter Bulwer's Polkas (Trad)
  • After You've Gone (Creamer, Layton)
  • Shepton Mallet Hornpipe (Trad) / In the Toyshop (Rolseth) / Whistle at her (Trad)