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The Hosepipe Band was formed in mid-1993 as an electro-acoustic dance band mixing British and European music and dances. The current band line-up is:

Val Woollard -
Recorders, flute, bagpipes, bombarde, saxophone
Simon Haines -
Geoff Coombs -
Mandolin and mandola
Nick Sadler -
Bass guitar

The band plays a mixture of traditional and composed material and their stage sound attempts to move away from the folk-rock sound of 80s dance bands with its reliance on a rock-drum-kit-dominated rhythm section. The bands sound is lighter and brisker with more emphasis on melody. The material is a blend of British - English Irish and Scottish - and European influences - so Breton, East European, Greek, and Scandinavian tunes pop up from time to time among the more familiar material.
Simon Haines,, 1997/04/29


Waltzing for Pleasure and Profit

Hosepipe Band 1994, KM666/4, Cassette only.

  • The Blighter / Not Jon's Jig (Woollard)
  • Ms McLeod's / Reel of the 51st (Trad)
  • Waltzing for Pleasure and Profit (Moffat)
  • Pea Stalk Polkas (Trad)
  • An Dro (Trad)
  • Aluminium is OK (Moffat)
  • Ten Little Nigels (Moffat)
  • The Friendly Beach Hut (Moffat)
  • Polka à Pierre / Rumanic (Trad)
  • My Modalin / The Gai Logis (Haines)
  • Hanter Dro (Trad)
  • Italian Jig (Trad)


Hosepipe Band 1998, KMCD666/5 from

  • Vicar of Yeldam (Woollard) / Grants (Woollard)
  • Lifted (Haines) / Larry Day (Trad)
  • Sloti Sloti (Coombs)
  • Mr Sheen (Trad)
  • Landslide (Woollard)
  • Handkerchief Heaven (Coombs)
  • Will Atkinson's Hornpipes 1 and 2 (Haines / Woollard)
  • Percy (Coombs) / Finchingfield (Haines) / West End Mazurka (Haines)
  • For Mechanics (Trad) / Hannah's Jig (Haines)
  • O vaughan and doughty maiden (Haines) / Artie (Coombs)
  • Nude Rose (Frank Le Rest)
  • Rumanic (Trad) / Let's Party (Trad)
  • Eight-step waltz (Denis Zaidmann) / Carrot (Coombs)

Reviewed by The living Tradition

Polstead Meadow

New English country music from East Anglia, Hosepipe Band from

  • Take it Easy (Haines)
  • Aldeburgh Steps (Woollard / Coombs)
  • The Ferry Man (Haines / Woollard)
  • Pin Mill (Woollard)
  • Polstead Meadow (Woollard)
  • The Blyth (Coombs)
  • The Bright Tower (Haines)

Hells Bells

Hosepipe Band 2003, GOB067

  • B Flat One / Flat 1B (Haines)
  • Absolution / Deadly Nightshade (Woollard)
  • Ivor's Jive (Coombs)
  • Ginger Smart / Sunday in Imola (Woollard)
  • Hell's Bells / Asdaboudicca (Haines)
  • A.L.F. (Coombs)
  • Rond a Francois Lefeuvre (Trad arr Haines / Woollard) / Darjeeling Darling? (Coombs) / Un Petit Tour de Vielle (Trad arr Haines / Woollard)
  • Sagarmatha (Woollard)
  • Joggin' Jumbo (Coombs)
  • Arry Bela Fonte (Coombs)
  • Towpath / Eric's Son's Waltz (Haines)

Kettleburgh Fete

Hosepipe Band KM068CD

  • Speed the Plough (Trad) / Hampstead Heath (Haines)
  • Manchester Hornpipe (Trad) / Pin Mill (Woollard)
  • Fork in the Road (Woollard) / Kevin's Kitchen (Woollard)
  • Curly-Headed Ploughboy (Trad) / Duke of Lewes (Haines)
  • Nutley Waltz (Trad) / Piltdown Waltz (Haines)
  • May's Hornpipe (Woollard) / Jet's Hornpipe (Woollard)
  • Smash the Windows (Trad) / The Chequers Jig (Haines)
  • Jumping Jo (Haines) / Knick Knack (Trad)
  • Newick March (Haines) / Andrew's March (Dagg)
  • Basil's Jig (Haines) / Sybil's Jig (Haines)
  • Harry Gidley's Waltz (Trad) / Kettleburgh Waltz (Haines)
  • Becky's July Jigs 1 & 2 (Haines)

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