A very nice band to listen and dance to, with lots of interest. They they play an Anglo-European mix. There is a possible comparision with Cock and Bull, although the latter are more specifically French. With Token Women you are more likely to dance a mix of styles - English Ceilidh followed by Bourrees and Schottisches.

While you don't need to be able to dance the fiddly bits, exposure to Bourrée and Schottisches does help....


The Rhythm Method

Token Women, 1992, NMV CD2

  • The Gypsy's Hornpipe (Trad) / Sleep Sound in the Morning (Trad)
  • Tiennet (Patrick Buffard/Giles Chabenat) / Les Poules Huppet (Patrick Buffard/Giles Chabenat)
  • J.J. (Jo Freya)
  • Alimony Run (Pete Coe)
  • Schottische de Lande (Trad) / Polka d'Avignon (Trad)
  • Harvey's (Jo Freya) / Finnish (Schottisches) (Trad)
  • Somewhere the Sun is Shining (John Tams) / The Rainbow Waltz (John Tams)
  • Nechells (Jo Freya) / Sac du Thé (Jigs) (Jo Freya)
  • Walter Bulwer's, 2 and 1 (Trad)
  • London Schottische (Andy Cheyne) / Horizonto (Paul James)
  • Once in a While (Steve Ashley) Nuttella (Kathryn Locke)
  • The Lawnmower and the Hippo (Jo Freya) / Reels des Jeunes Mariés (Trad) / The Grumbing Old Man and the Cackling Old Woman (Trad)
  • Haunt (Jo Freya)

Out to Lunch

Token Women, 1995, NMV CD6

  • Grommet (J. Freya) / Fragrant Vagrant (J. Freya)
  • The Lost Elephant (K. Locke)
  • Jo's Jig (J. Freya) / Vertigo (J. Freya)
  • Tarlo (B. Palmer) / Ghost Guardian (J. Freya)
  • Bad (K. MacColl)
  • Beasting Pudden Wi' Legs on
  • 'Ippy Merde (K. Locke)
  • The Silverton Polka
  • The Paddocks (J. Rawlinson) / The Shrews Bourrée (J. Rawlinson)
  • I can Dream, Can't I?
  • (Fain and Kahal)
  • Öppning / (D. Malnquist and B. Palmer) / Synapse Collapse (D. Malnquist and B. Palmer)
  • Max Baxter's (K. Locke)

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