Fleece Yard Ceilidh Band Swing your Partners

Fleece Yard Ceilidh Band, 1997, COP9701cdr

  • Princess Royal (Trad)
  • Terebus (Trad) / Uncle Bernard's Polka (Trad)
  • Blackthorn Stick (Trad) / The Frost is All Over (Trad) / Haste to the Wedding (Trad)
  • Rakes of Mallow (Trad) / Bricks and Mortar (Trad) / Rattling Bog (Trad)
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (Trad) / Soldiers Joy (Trad)
  • Nutting Girl (Trad) / Portsmouth (Trad)
  • In and Out the Windows (Trad) / Cosher Bailey (Trad)
  • British Grenadiers (Trad) / The Girl I Left Behind Me (Trad)
  • Donkey Riding (Trad) / Salmon Tails Up the Water (Trad)
  • Mouresque (Trad)
  • Jimmy Allen (Trad) / Huntsman's Chorus (Trad)
  • Red River Valley (Trad) / Oh Susanna (Trad) / Polly Wolly Doodle (Trad) / When the Saints Go Marching in (Trad)
  • Keel Row (Trad) / Kafoozalum (Trad) / Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose (Trad)
  • Leather Bottle (Trad) / Murphy's Polka (Trad)