A band towards the Peeping Tom side of the English Ceilidh Band spectrum. Something of a Rock Ceilidh band feel when live - to the extent of a four-square rhythm although not the excess of decibels.

All Blacked Up Say I am Dancing

All Blacked Up, 1993, COF CD1

Gentler than the band live and could be excellently be used as an example of "what an English Ceilidh sounds like" to anyone who hadn't heard any of the music before. Those who know the music will enjoy the contrast between the 1970's, Albion Country Dance Band, style Durham Rangers and the 1990's development.

See the Say I am Dancing and Spirits of Another Sort reviews on Green Man.

All Blacked Up Spirits of another sort

All Blacked Up, 1997, COF 002

Alistair Gillies By Arrangement

Alistair Gillies<, 1997, COF 003

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