Peeping Tom, or occasionally the 'Peepers'. Highly regarded, exceptionally tight and powerful music, a Rock Ceilidh band with a precise and uptempo beat. Easy to dance to, particularly for newcomers, but perhaps lacking a certain swing. Headline a number of festivals and always produces a cracking good dance.

Peeping Tom run a regular monthly ceilidh in the Massey Ferguson Social Club, Broad Lane, Coventry, 20:00 to 23:00 on the first Thursday of the month. Contact +44 (0)24-7667-4491.


A sight for sore eyes

Peeping Tom, 1992, Folksound Records, FSCD21

The Eyes have it

Peeping Tom, 1994, Folksound Records, FSCD26

Looking Good

Peeping Tom, 1996, Folksound Records, FSCD40.

Includes the remarkably danceable Dumb Post / Skylark tunes, if you've danced to Peeping Tom over the last few years you'll like them....

Reviewed in Stirrings

Looking Back

Peeping Tom, 1998, Folksound Records, FSCD49.

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