... one must have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star. - F.Neitzsche.

Banjax played from 199? to 2000, one of classic eCeilidh bands. Loads of energy and experimentation.

Banjax Chaos in One

Banjax, 1992, Green Man Records, GRMN CD01

  • Dunmow Galumph (Dougie Adams)
  • Roll the Woodpile Down
  • Man in the Moon / The Emigrant (Dougie Maclean)
  • The Thrifty Wife / The Kite (Keith Leech)
  • The Blackleg Miner
  • Pas et Medio
  • The Wenlock Safari (Tom Hank / B Kampfert)
  • The Nightingale / The Canary (Lord Burgess)
  • Slingsby's Allemand
  • The Flemish Mazurka
  • Dance with me (Neil Cartwright)
  • Past Caring
  • Winster and Cajun Gallop
  • Ratcliffe Highway
  • Farandoles