Rhythms of the Wold

Rod Stradling, 1991, Rogue Records, FMSD5021

An excellent collection of tunes with a nice mix between the powerfully played Feckless tracks and the quieter solos and duets. If the Feckless tracks appeal it will also be worth hunting out Dave Whetstone and his The Resolution.

See the Freereed Review on Rootworld.

  • The Shameless Glutton (Rod and B.J. Strading)
  • The Sportman's Hornpipe (Trad)
  • Bonaparte's Retreat (Trad)
  • The Star above the Garter (Trad) / Polesana (Rod Stradling)
  • Highland Mary (Trad) / Old Tom of Oxford (Trad)
  • Valsivien Di Omo (Trad) / Masurca Uaciacalpians (Enzo Conti) / The Boys of Balisadare (Trad)
  • The Caswell Coconut Dance (Alan Lamb) / Polstead Road (Trad)
  • Lewis James' Quadrille (Trad) / La Peronista (Trad)
  • The Sweetness of Mary (Trad)
  • Enrico (Trad) / Ashling (Trad)
  • Rock the Cradle, Joe (Trad) / Norton Greens (Alan Green)
  • The Kerry Mills Barndance (Trad) / Brimfield (Trad)
  • The Arkansas Schottische (Trad) / The Weavers' March (Trad)
  • The Trip we took over the Mountains (Trad) / Pive (Trad)