Stomp (or rather Stömp with an ö - browser permitting) have settled into being an excellent band with a good mix of danceable tunes. They had a period (Sidmouth 1995?) when they followed a 'heavier' route and sounded more like a Rock Ceilidh band, energetic but with the loss of their earlier light touch, but more recently they've found that touch again. If you like Woodpecker or a lighter Peeping Tom then you'll like Stömp.


Machine without Horses

Stömp, 1999, WPCD003

's got good stuff on this CD. Engelskan and Brudmarsch will get you running back, back and back again to the CD player to hit the replay button, Mother Russia makes you wonder why it's taken so long for eCeilidh bands to cover Iron Maiden tunes. Dangerously danceable.

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I claim my Five Pounds

Stömp, 2006, OSMO CD034

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