The Committee Band Dancemusic

The Committee Band, WPCD01, 1997, CD

This is where, I guess, you can really use the word 'eponymous'. Dancemusic is dance music. The CD includes a mix of tunes from various, mainly northern European, sources and is a fair record of the sound of the band. They have spread their wings over the years and this CD captures it. Laurels go to Max Edén tune, Serpentiner och konfetti, which still shines through as one of the best schottische tunes around. (Florida also do a recording of it.)

Dancemusic on the Committee Band Site's about time!

Scarcely need a webfeet review when there are ones like Green Man's. Agree with every word, particularly the bit about Will's Way. Florida had the edge with Serpentiner och konfetti but with Will's Way the Committee Band beat in the arrangement stakes.

The Committee Band, WPCD002, 1999, CD

Reviewed by Green Man

It's about Time on the Committee Band Site

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