Climax Ceilidh Band Come Dancing

Climax Ceilidh Band, BEJOCD-49, 2006, CD

  • Spike (Sheldrake and Jones)
  • Red Crayon (Tabbush and Weaver)
  • Kemble / Zender (Sheldrake)
  • Not a Reel Polka (Jones)
  • Jig of Slurs (Pipe Major G S MacLennon) / Atholl Highlanders (Trad)
  • Aunty Forever (Sheldrake)
  • Yey (He's Here) (Tabbush and Weaver) / Mug of Brown Ale (Trad)
  • Convenience Reel (Oclan Masterson)
  • Month of Mead (Tabbush) / Money Tree (Cliff Stapleton)
  • Jack in the Green (Jones)
  • The Empty Road (Emma Peters) / Chipperfield's Circus (Jones)
  • Anne and Nick's Marriage Mazurka (Sheldrake)
  • Staten Island / Kitchen Girls (Trad)

Five Play

Climax Ceilidh Band, BEJOCD-53, 2008, CD

  • New Green Dress (Tabbush) / Molly's Polkas (Trad)
  • Foxy Rant (Tabbush and Jones)
  • Hot Bitch (Jones and Sheldrake) / Red Sofa (Jones and Sheldrake)
  • Harlequin Air
  • Horny Miss Hart: Yes Miss Hart (Sheldrake and Jones) / Funky Horns (Sheldrake and Jones)
  • Many a Slip (Jones)
  • Fanfare: Mouse Proof Pedals (Sheldrake and Jones) / Who Knows (Sheldrake and Jones)
  • Yeller Girls
  • Ecstatic Spider (Walshaw and Jones) / Vertico (Walshaw and Jones)
  • On the Fly (Walshaw)
  • Parrot on a String (Weaver and Tabbush) / Tracey's (Weaver and Tabbush)
  • Slick Jib (Walshaw) / Maxine (Unknown) / Derby Hunt

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