A good high energy band - there are some very nice tunes there and they give the dancers a fair amount of lift.

In their initial performances they were not relaxed enough to have a measured swing to the music and some tunes were played at a really breakneck pace. They have settled now, although sometimes still a little ragged they can come up with a real cracker of a performance. Well worth travelling to dance to....


The Resolution

Dave Whetstone with Maartin Allcock, Dave Lockwood, Simon Nicol and Pete Zorn. 1996, Monkey's Knib, MKRCD410

A CD with more than it's fair share of driving dance tunes. Hotfoot2 and Hare in the Long Grass in particular are candidates for a Webfeet 'definitive dance tunes' collection. Reminiscent at times of Rod Stradling's Feckless.

  • Rocky and the Gopher
  • Bonavista 1 & 2
  • The Resolution
  • Emilia's Angels / Jolly Jolly Demons
  • The Black Swan
  • Hotfoot2
  • Henry's Moat
  • Fish Pie Polka / Timberline
  • Sherborne Rose
  • Fingers in the Jam
  • Sweet Ginger
  • Candlemas Moon
  • Cummerbund / Heads Up
  • Hare in the Long Grass
  • Rachel's Delight