An out of the ordinary English Ceilidh Band - saxophone, trumpet and no drums. A full and fluid sound with a light touch and a significant swing to it, with some tunes head and shoulders above the normal Ceilidh fare. It's a band people travel far to dance to (and people do).

The CD Splitting the night sounds thin if you are looking for rock-influenced dance music and only hear a track or snippet on the radio, the sound is far fuller live. It does however contain one of the hottest tunes around for English Ceilidh, Dark Girl dressed in Blue. Brassroots has more edge to it but perhaps even still does not do the live band justice.

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Splitting the Night

Florida, 1992, FLP002CD and FLP002MC

  • Elsie Marley / The trip to Highgate (Trad)
  • The Leaves of Life (Trad)
  • Scotland (Bill Monroe) / Bourrée (Trad)
  • Bernard in the Café (Unknown) / Dark Girl Dressed in Blue (Trad)
  • Down by the Tanyard side (Trad) / Pierrot's Waltz (Pierre Nicholas) / Amsterdam (Brel)
  • Moscow Nights (Solovev-Sedoj) / Mailin Plaisir (Patrick Couton)
  • The Trip to Lincoln (Trad) / Tweedly Park (James Hill (attrib))
  • Rambling Sailor (Trad) / Will's Way (Will Ward)
  • The Stockton Hornpipe (Trad) / Marquis of Waterford's (James Hill (attrib))
  • Serptentiner och Konfetti (Mats Edèn) / Engelese (Trad)
  • The Rope Dance / Dance for 1811 (Trad)
  • Dudley Boys (Trad)
  • Faut que ce Brille (Jean Blanchard)


Florida, 1995, FLP003CD and FLP003MC
Brassy exhuberance bubbles through... Florida get better every time I head them, Folk Routes.

  • The Oyster Wife's Rant / Bonny Lad (Trad)
  • Dory Boat (412k .au file)/ The Mallard / (Trad)
  • The White Hare (Trad)
  • The Home Brew (Atkin) / The Lads like Beer (Trad)
  • The Alexandra (Trad)
  • Sportsman's Hornpipe / Champion's Hornpipe (Trad)
  • The Peacock followed the Hen / Drops of Brandy (Trad)
  • Church on Sunday (Trad)
  • Pride of Portravor (Trad) / Wm Taylor's Tabletop Hornpipe (Shepherd)
  • The Ball / More power to Ye (Trad)
  • Brigg Fair (Trad)
  • Highland Mary / The Bridge of Lodi (Trad)
  • Alexandra Park / Charming Fellow (Trad)
  • Green Bushes (Trad)
  • The Duke of Riff's Reel / Dick Richard's (Trad)
  • Judith's Waltz (Kruskal)

The 1997 Demo

Florida, 1997, Cassette

  • Buttered Peas / Jacob or Enrico
  • Pembury / Quick & Merry
  • The Flying Coach / Chief O'Neills Favourite / The Random
  • The Kirkgate / Gilderoy
  • Midnight in Moscow / Malin Plaisir

Danse Macabre

Florida, 1999, FLP004CD and FLP004MC


Florida, 2005, FLP005CD

  • Temperley / Off to California (Trad)
  • Sweet Briar / The Rose Tree (Trad)
  • Morgan Rattler / Cock of the North (Trad)
  • The Mill Mill O / Durham Rangers (Trad)
  • Paddy Carey's (Trad)
  • The Queer Fella's Shot-ese (Trad) / The Cliff (Trad) / The Road to Alvechurch (Atkin)
  • The Cape John Waltz (Tattrie) / Bonny George Campbell (Trad)
  • Seven Stars / Smash the Windows (Trad)
  • Sausage (Honeyman) / Colonel Mike (Trad)
  • Trip to Highgate / Elsie Marley (Trad)
  • Marquis of Huntley's Reel (Marshall) / Love Laughs at Locksmiths (Trad)
  • The Fortune / Untitled (Trad)
  • Coleraine (Trad) / The Quarryman (Sherrit)

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