North London based three piece, roving fiddle, keyboards and drums, previously known as Hoedown. They have a great swing to their music as they venture into big band sounds - lifts the Nottingham Swing to new heights.

Watch for the tag 'Junction 24 in dance mode', they play for both Ceilidh and dance events, they're just as good playing in dance mode but you might get a different set of dancers.


The Electric Effect

Hoedown, 198x, Cassette and LP

Side A:

  • Beaumont Rag / Tony Gilmore's Rag
  • The Swallow's Tail / Castle Jig
  • Scotland is ma ain Hama / The Ale is dear / Kiss me quick, me Mither's comin'
  • Smith's Reel / Swinging on the Gate / Le Reel des Jeunes Mariés
  • Drummond Castle / Doc Boyd's Jig / Cave Hill
  • Mountain Road / Mason's Apron / Grumbling and Cackling

Side B:

  • Parson's Farewell / Queen's Jig
  • East Tennessee Blues / Waggoner / Pretty little Widder
  • Canadian Jig / Bill Young's Jig / Old Time Jig
  • Variation on the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
  • The Showman's Fancy / Bacca Pipes / Puddleglum's Misery
  • Staten Island / The Old Grey Cat

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