Belshazzar's Feast One Too Many

Belshazzar's Feast, 1996, WGS 276 CD

  • One Too Many (I. Ball)
  • Boda Waltz (Trad) / Far Away (P. Juno)
  • Doll Thy Ale (P. Dickinson, words Trad) / Romanian Dance (Trad)
  • Museum Hornpipe (J. Coxon)
  • Midnight on the Water (L. Thomasson) / Molly Rankin's (J.M. Rankin)
  • Cold Frosty Morn (Trad) / Dancing Bear (R. McQuillen)
  • Wedding Dance (R. Price) / Wild Horseman (R. Schumann)
  • Hills of the North
  • (M. Shaw, words Rev Charles Edward Oakley)
  • Barbara Allen (Trad) / Copper Pipe Polka (I. Ball)
  • Fairy Reel (Trad) / Dick Gossip's (Trad)

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Drop the Reed

Belshazzar's Feast, 1998, WGS 293 CD

  • The May Reels (P. Sartin)
  • Half Hannikin (Trad) / The Recruiting Officer (Trad)
  • The Miller of Dee (Trad) / La Belle Jaedinière (Trad) / EbenezerT.J. Williams)
  • La Petit Nette (F. Paris) / Ransk MorgenstjerneTrad)
  • Ffarwell Ned Pugh (Trad) / Mae Mwh'n D'wedyd (Trad)
  • Mister Costa (P. Sartin) / Beggar's Roost (P. Sartin)
  • Auvergne Polka (Trad) / Cafouilée (Trad)
  • Four Babies's Rants (P. Sartin)
  • Twenty, Eighteen (Trad)
  • Air (P. Sartin)
  • Brouillard (J.J. Smith) / Les Cloches (J. Blanchard)

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Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance>

Belshazzar's Feast, The Dance Collection, 2000, WGS 298 CD

12 Dance Tunes from The Nathaniel Kynaston Collection (1709-28) and The Beggar's Opera (1728) Accompanied by Andrew Shaw's Manual of the same name, containing Dance steps & Facsimiles and Transcriptions of the Music

  • The Merry Conclusion or Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance
  • Blenheim House
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • Lillie
  • Count Leon
  • Wou'd You Have a Young Virgin
  • Paston's Maggot
  • Old Simon the King
  • Neat, Mr John
  • Cupid Disarmed
  • Bonny Grey-ey'd Morn
  • Woodstock Park

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John Playford's Secret Ball

Belshazzar's Feast, The Dance Collection, 2001, WGS 304 CD

  • Maiden Lane
  • Parson's Farewell
  • Goddesses
  • The Garland
  • Mundesse
  • Bobbing Joe
  • Jenny Pluck Pears
  • Cuckold's All a Row
  • The Fit's Come on Me Now
  • London Gentlewomen
  • The Maid Peeped Out at the Window
  • Parson Upon Dorothy
  • Gathering Peascods
  • The Old Mole

Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance. Vol2
The She Favourite

Belshazzar's Feast, The Dance Collection, 2002, WGS 310 CD

An interpretation of early 18th Century English Country Dance tunes

  • Softly Good Tummas (N. Kynaston)
  • Whiskers House (N. Kynaston)
  • The She Favourite of Hearts (N. Kynaston)
  • De'il take the Warr
  • Vaughan's Ramble (N. Kynaston)
  • Whitsun Holidays or The Parson in the Pease
  • Bickerstaff's Prophesie (N. Kynaston)
  • Evan's Delight
  • Fop's Fancy
  • Dudmason Hall (N. Kynaston)
  • The Gay Young Squire (N. Kynaston)
  • Old Hob or The Mouse Trap
  • Orange Nan (N. Kynaston)
  • Well Done Jack (N. Kynaston)

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