George Inn because, apparently, that's where they practice, Giant because there's a lot of them. Last time I counted there was about a dozen which gave room for a brass and sax section at one side without having it dominate the band. GiG CB probably because it's easier to write.

They play mainly English and French, with a number of Blowzabella tunes surfacing. The English tunes are English and the French tunes are French, in contrast to Cock and Bull where the music comes across more as a well practiced fusion.

A lively but not head-banging band, half of them stand while playing, half of them sit. Nice dance music, and if you like a little French influence, rather nice dance music.



Gig CB!, 1998, GIG CD 001

  • Une Oie, Deux Oie (J.Blanchard) / Bourrée à Perronne (Trad)
  • Chambre 361 (J.C.Guichen) / Ton Simple (J.C.Guichen)
  • Bal (F.Guichen)
  • Ton Double (Trad)
  • Allouette (Trad)
  • Herbert the Sherbert (M.Ellison / C.Williams) / La Fluer de Bruyère (J.F.Dutetre)
  • Molinara (J.Swayne) / Flatworld (A.Cutting)
  • Young Virgins (Trad) / Seven Stars (Trad)
  • Willow Express (C.Shaw)
  • Laridés à Six (Trad)
  • JCB's (J.C.Blanc) / Last Night at the Bar (C.Shaw)
  • Dream Waltz (C.Stapleton)
  • Valhermeil (B.Le Tron)
  • Alan Day goes Quietly Mad as his Kids play "Super Mario Bros" all Christmas (Trad)

Here Be Giants!

Gig CB!, 2002

  • La Ronde des Milloraines (J.F.Dutetre)
  • Tarantelle (Trad)
  • Portesham Sunrise (C.Shaw) / West End Mazurka (C.Shaw)
  • Spaghetti Panic (A.Cutting)
  • Bergère de Coulandon (Trad) / Jupes Fendus (P.Prieur)
  • Song of Cider (Trad) / Larry Day's Laridé à 6 (T.Upham)
  • La Borregada (Trad) / Rondeau Sans Titre (Trad)
  • Shreds and Patches (J.Kirkpatrick) / Whitefriar's Hornpipe (Trad)
  • Polka St Michel (C.Shaw)
  • Ben's Tunes (B.Dauncey)
  • Kost er C'hoat (Trad)
  • Alpraham (C.Williams)
  • Michael Turner's waltz (Trad)
  • She Wants a Fellow (Trad) / The Hop Break (U.Hornby)
  • Laridé à 8 (Trad)
  • Off the Hook (T.Upham)

A little history....

The George Inn, at Southwark. An historic pub dating from 17th century. We have had a music session there for at least 10 or 15 years. The accent is on French music but doesn't necessarily stay there. We have also had Swedish, Italian, Belgian, German, oh and English and a little Irish. We have had occasional songs including Bulgarian and Serbo-Croat. We had one of the Kodo drummers there once. Sadly, he couldn't get his own drum on the bus so we borrowed a bodhran from one of the many that were there at that time (though very polite players - generally only one at a time!). His style was very interesting - more like the karate method of killing a goatskin. He was of course cheered on.

GIG CB! started life in this session. I was involved in running dances at C# House with Krazy Feet Ceilidhs and we needed a band in a hurry. Cock and Bull were playing to a packed house but we couldn't find a band for the following month. So I advertised The George Inn Giant Ceilidh Band (members of Rosbif, Florida, Late Night Band, etc) and told the musicians the following Monday. They didn't seem at all fazed!. We practiced for 4 weeks, had a final practice at the House on the Saturday afternoon and fielded 15 musicians, including Stefan Hannigan and Fiona who turned up halfway through having already done two gigs that day but determined not to miss out on this extravaganza. There was such a party atmosphere on stage and it was picked up by the dancers who were probably several pounds lighter at the end of the evening.

We have since slimmed down a little (we are a 10-piece now!) and the lineup is me on accordion/fiddle/calling another fiddle, another accordion, concertina, flute, bass guitar, mandola, 2 saxophones and Trevor the Trombone. Quite a lot of MMMMPPPPHHHH in fact. We are quite well known in France and the rest of Europe from our distinguished (well, noisy) appearances at Gennetines. Sadly, we don't really do much in England; we're all too busy to get it organised. But that is changing. EVERYONE who dances to our band thoroughly enjoys the experience; so English dancers mustn't miss out. So I have a lot of phoning and talking to do.

Anyway: The George Session. Generally the First Monday of each month UNLESS that Monday is a Bank Holiday. Then it's the following Monday.

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