Jabadaw play either English Ceilidh or French/Breton events - if you are lucky you'll get a bit of both, a bourrée in the middle of a ceilidh or some close-to-the-ground tune for a what a few minutes before had been an English Dance.

Generally a softer approach than, saw Cock and Bull, a little fuller sound than the Eel Grinders, and swing by the bucketload. A Webfeet five star seal of approval.


Jabadaw Trio

Jabadaw Trio, 1999, Cassette SDMK004

  • Schottish #1 (M Keates)
  • Polka (Unknown)
  • Laridé à 8 Temps (Unknown)
  • Galician Jigs (Unknown)
  • Bourrée Tournante des Grandes Poteries (Unknown) / Mauvais Quart d'Heure (S Dew)


Jabadaw, 2000, CD SDMK005

Brace youself for the The Venus of Levenhulme, it has the power of a hurricane, it will scatter dancers and leave them exhausted around the edges of the room.

  • The Gallery / The Venus of Levenshulme (S Heywood)
  • Schottisch I and II (M Keates)
  • Hedgepig (M Keates and S Dew)
  • Bourrée Droite / Bourrée à 3 Temps (Unknown)
  • Boney Droney Baloney (S Dew and M Keates)
  • Morgan Rattler (Unknown)
  • Alison's Kitchen (S Dew)
  • Waltz I and II (M Keates)
  • New French Polkas (Unknown)
  • Laridé à 6 Temps (Unknown) / Hanter Dro (M Keates)
  • Dans-Tro Plinn (S Dew)

See the Jabadaw review on Green Man.

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