Thrown in the towel, see their history


Batteries not included

Electropathics, 1987, GUM001C

Side A

  • Helter Skelter (Gregsongs)
  • Very Shy (Cop.Con.)
  • Lost at Sea (Gregsongs)
  • Russia (Sacred Harp)
  • Stonecracker John (Folktracks)
  • The Rochdale Nutters (Trad)

Side B

  • Never Swat a fly (Cop.Con.)
  • Jam up the Nuts (Gregsongs) / Jump at the Sun (John Kirkpatrick, Cop.Con)
  • Whitsun Dance (Cop.Con.) / The Bloody Fields of Flanders (Trad)
  • The Deviation (Cop.Con.) / Gertrude's Villa (Cop.Con.)
  • Northfield (Sacred Harp)
  • Gaddafi's Gallop (Trad) / The Old Bazaar in Cairo (Cop.Con.)