Two bands are rising from the ashes of Gas Mark Five, Saxophony and Chalktown. Saxophony being a quartet of saxophones plus percussion:

It can be said that dancing to a lot of bands is 'different', but dancing to Saxophony is different. More a saxophone chamber orchestra rather than a Rock Band. Not so much high energy, not jazz with wild abandon, it is far more thoughtful music - English Ceilidh with grace - 1997/10/23

(Check Alistair Gillies' By Arrangement CD for more 'music from the folk tradition' arranged for Sax....)



Saxophony, 1997, Resplendent CD1

Go for the Milk or Whisky / Ali McKenzie's for a gentle, just slightly quick, Ideal Schottische and Ancient Mariner / Take it to the Bridge to slow down the pace...

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