The webfeet site contains information about dance and dance music in the UK, diaries of events and brief reviews. The main focus is the English Ceilidh dance scene but there is a substantial overlap with more genteel English Folk dance, Contra, Bal Folk, Cajun and other styles.

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It is possible to search for events by particular bands or in particular locations and also to do a free text search for pages in the webfeet (and referenced) sites:

Text searches are done in a 'plain and simple' manner. The system returns you a list with the pages which include more of your search terms higher up in the list.

There's no sophisticated logic available, that is 'and's or 'or's, or ways of requiring a term to appear however putting a '+' in front of a term means it wil be taken more seriously and putting a '-' in front means that pages including this term are shown lower in the list.

A hit shows you the title of the page, the description Meta tag, if one was supplied, and the list of the section headings

Also check out the list of keywords collected from the pages indexed, this will give a feel for the sort of information that a search request could find. (Note these keywords are a collection of what the pages say they contain. Keywords are a bit notorious for lieing in this regard)

Finding your way round...

The site includes a number of things to help you finding you way around:

... and what's been happening

if you want to find out what's been done recently on the site...

  • A couple of automatically generated pages giving the 'last modified' dates for local and off-site pages. The latter only for those servers which give a 'last modified date' for a page when asked.
  • If you want to check whether your pages are being referred to within this site have a look at the xedni file which is a reverse index of external links or give your URL to the search engine
  • There are some collected site statistics and charts showing the way the site is being accessed

For those who are intested in webfeet archaeology, the Wayback Machine has copies of old feet when the site was hosted under (gone), and

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