One of the two or three prime English Ceilidh bands which had Rock leanings. They have a fluid lineup and you're unlikely to get the same people as were playing on the CD (which was recorded a fair while back) so the power and swing in the dance music may vary but it is typically loud, intense and fast paced.

If you like the sound of LNB then Shave the Monkey might also be to your taste - they no longer play for English Ceilidh but their sound and approach on CD is similar.


Strange Survivals

Late Night Band, 1990, SOBCD5

  • The Sportsman's Hornpipe (Trad) / The Handsome Gardener (Trad/Jenkins)
  • Farewell Loveley Nancy (Trad)
  • The DustBole (Bole) / Porthallow Cove (Thompson) / The Hawk Polka (James Hill) / The Alderman's Hat (Trad)
  • The Lake of Coolfin (Trad)
  • Spring in the Valley (Trad)
  • The Berwick Jockey (Trad) / The Peacock followed the Hen (Trad) / Mad Moll (Trad)
  • Rozsa (Hornby)
  • Close your Eyes (Per Ker)
  • Captain O'Caine (Trad) / Hopkinson's Favourite (Trad) / Du Monds (Trad)
  • An Dro (Trad)
  • Polka Sean Stocai (Trad) / The Competition Polka (Trad)
  • The Charlesworth Hornpipe (Ian McGrady)
  • The Cherry Tree Carol (Trad/Lamb)
  • The Texas Scottische (Trad/Thompson)
  • The Seismic Waltz (Lamb) / The Maniac's Waltz (Trad) / La Marriane (Frederic Paris)
  • The LNB Bop (Lamb)