Webfeet's there to list bands and events; to help you find where you might want to dance or to book a band you like. Its focus is the English Ceilidh dance scene but there is a substantial overlap with the more genteel English Folk dance and Eurodance / Bal Folk and Cajun.

Webfeet is not a booking agency (but it has a list of them) or event organiser itself, it just tries to make sure the information is easy to find

What are the diaries? Publicising Events

There are many ways of advertising an event on the web; the band probably has a page, some of the musicians, the organisers, maybe the caller. It may be that the event is a one off and added to site like areyoudancing or wherecango. The information is scattered. Webfeet tries to bring it all together.

What to do?

Send webfeet the link ...

  • If you are running a band or dance series and have a Facebook page with an events list, just send me the link.
  • If you are organising a one-off event you're best including it in WhereCanWeGo. There are some notes about how to do this here
  • If you are organising a series of dances you can also promote the gigs on Are You Dancing and the notes about how to do this are here.
  • If you are organising an English Ceilidh event, you can add your gig to eCeilidh's Gig List. Check their notes on how to do it.

... If you have your own site

If you have your own website with a list of the events, send me the link - it might just all work magically. There are a couple of things worth a mention though:

  • Do make sure the dates cannot be confused, ideally include both the day-of-week and year
  • Remember the scripts will not necessarily recognise all the band or place names. If something is missing, let me know and I'll have a look.

If you want to ensure that webfeet picks up your gigs and doesn't have to make guesses about dates, new band names and places, you can still use the HTML markup tags.

The current tags are written up in the Technical docs (have a look) and there are some template files (based round a list, a simple table and a table using background colours) which you can save from within your browser and edit.

There's a simple syntax checker which asks for a URL, read the page and display the diary information it understands from the page - and which would appear in webfeet diaries.

After including the tags in your pages contact me and I will set up the links so the Webfeet scripts read your pages. The scripts do not search for pages in the way Google does, the URL's have to be submitted manually.

Martin Kiff, mgk@webfeet.co.uk.