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March 2023

Friday, 31 March 2023:
The Well Dressed Band, Bakewell [map>] [geo>>]

April 2023

Saturday, 1 April 2023:
Banter, Spondon [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Mad Hatters, Grove [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Pendragon, Willand [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Sunday, 2 April 2023:
Confluence, Ibsley [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Wednesday, 5 April 2023:
Fresh Aire, Gittisham [map>] [geo>>]
David Bradley, Witcombe [map> >>] [geo>>]
by Brian & Rosie McMinn, Frenchay [map> >>] [geo>>]
Friday, 7 April 2023:
DisKan, Edinburgh [map>] [geo>>]
Stringrays, Alcester [map>] [geo>>]
Saturday, 8 April 2023:
Catsfield Steamers, Hurst Green
Phoenix Ceilidh Band, Newfield Hall [map> >>] [geo>>]
Stringrays, Cecil Sharp House, Camden [map> >>] [geo>>]
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The Assembly Players, Cumnor [map> >>] [geo>>]
The Stringrays, London Barndance, Cecil Sharp House, Camden [map> >>] [geo>>]
Sunday, 9 April 2023:
Stringrays, Englefield Green [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Monday, 10 April 2023:
Randwick All Stars, Randwick [map> >>] [geo>>]
Tuesday, 11 April 2023:
All the Right Notes, [Cancelled], Headingley [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Peregrine Road, Northampton [map>] [geo>>]
Chris Toyne, Pucklechurch [map> >>] [geo>>]
Friday, 14 April 2023:
Arish Mel, Kimmeridge [map> >>] [geo>>]
Junction 24, Baldock [map> >>] [geo>>]
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English Contra Dance Band, Nozzy, PolkaWorks, the Bismarcks, the Oxford Nags and the Watch, Halsway Manor [map> >>] [geo>>]
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The Geckoes, Oxford [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Friday to Sunday, 14 to 16 April 2023:
Nozzy, Halsway
Saturday, 15 April 2023:
Dogsbody Band, Brighouse [map> >>] [geo>>]
Hekety, Chandler's Ford [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Nozzy, Halsway Manor [map> >>] [geo>>]
Whiskey River, Brecon [map>] [geo>>]
Callers' Workshop with, Oxford [map> >>] [geo>>]
Family Ceilidh Oxford, Oxford [map> >>] [geo>>]
Guerrilla Ceilidh, Oxford [map> >>] [geo>>]
Helen Gentile and Lewis Wood, Oxford [map> >>] [geo>>]
Narthen, Oxford [map> >>] [geo>>]
Sunday, 16 April 2023:
Beneath the Clock, Addingham [map> >>] [geo>>]
Greensleeveless, York [map> >>] [geo>>]
Nozzy, Halsway Manor [map> >>] [geo>>]
Striding Edge, St. Bees [map>] [geo>>]
Monday, 17 April 2023:
Blind Panic, Harrogate [map> >>] [geo>>]
Wednesday, 19 April 2023:
Banjacs, Sytchampton [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Dampier's Round, Witcombe [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Dave Byett, Frenchay [map> >>] [geo>>]
Thursday, 20 April 2023:
Runaway Mop, Budbrooke [map> >>] [geo>>]
Friday, 21 April 2023:
Banter, Cecil Sharp House, Camden [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Friday Folk Band, St. Albans [map>] [geo>>]
Shinanikins, Norwich [map> >>] [geo>>]
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[To Be Confirmed], Bristol [map> >>] [geo>>]
Friday to Sunday, 21 to 23 April 2023:
The Falconers, Halsway
Saturday, 22 April 2023:
3D, Whittington [map> >>] [geo>>]
     Also here
Albireo, Newark
     Also here - here
Jigfoot, Bristol [map> >>] [geo>>]
The Ironmasters, Poynton [map> >>] [geo>>]
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Tuesday, 25 April 2023:
All the Right Notes, Headingley [map> >>] [geo>>]
     Also here
Wednesday, 26 April 2023:
Banjacs, Sytchampton [map> >>] [geo>>]
Famous Potatoes, Southend on Sea [map>] [geo>>]
Thursday, 27 April 2023:
Pair of Shears, Willand [map> >>] [geo>>]
Whirling Skirmish, Walthamstow [map>] [geo>>]
Friday, 28 April 2023:
Barn Rat Band, Milton Keynes [map>] [geo>>]
Friday to Monday, 28 April to 1 May 2023:
English Contra Dance Band, Keeping Thyme, Knotted Chord and Stradivarious, Evesham [map>] [geo>>]
Saturday, 29 April 2023:
Famous Potatoes, Bradwell on Sea
Frog on a Bike, Hastings [map>] [geo>>]
Kantref, Brighton [map>] [geo>>]
Knotted Chord, Evesham [map>] [geo>>]
Melobo, Bournemouth [map>] [geo>>]
     Also here
Patchwork and Threepenny Bit, Salisbury [map> >>] [geo>>]
     Also here
Venn, Horsley [map> >>] [geo>>]
     Also here
Phoenix, Exeter [map>] [geo>>]
Sunday, 30 April 2023:
Momentum, Evesham [map>] [geo>>]