A good sign of a good English Ceilidh Band is a good range of danceable schottisches. Others of course will have different opinions... So, in alphabetical order, and without really knowing whether they are officially schottisches but on the principle that the feet tend to do the right thing.

Florida: Splitting the Night

Serptentiner och Konfetti / Engelese
Two tunes from Groupa, the first by Max Ed´n and the second traditional. Serptentiner has also made its way into the Morris repertoire as well. There's enough of a difference in style between the parts to make switching back and forth between 'straight' and 'ideal' schottisches very tempting (but sufficient difference to make it feel quite strange if you get it wrong!)
(The Committee Band version is a little heavier and starts off more like a stephop hornpipe, it loosens up quickly though)

Gas Mark V: Guizers

That's the rain again / Camping Weather.
Wonderfully laid back version, giving plenty of time for improvisation.

Geckoes: Art Gecko

The Old John Peel / Tom Cave's.
Lively and quick on record, particularly the Tom Cave's, but can be played too quickly live.

Hubert von Goisern: Aufgeigen statt neiderschiassen

Benni - basierend auf einem Ausseer "Schottischen"...
Crisp initially, then getting wild - if you are still able to dance after this one you're doing well... Good thing this hasn't been covered by any UK bands :-)

Ran Tan Band: The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese
Really slinky, excellent for Salty Dog Rag

Rufus Return: Still on the Speeches

Solstice Reel
A magnificent tune for a languid schottische or a high energy Nottingham Swing

Shave the Monkey: Dragonfly

Norske Schottische and Tippi Marnie
Two highly danceable schottisches on one CD and Shave the Monkey claim not to be a dance band - strange...

Token Women: The Rhythm Method

The Gypsy's Hornpipe / Sleep Sound in the Morning
Yes, it says a hornpipe but the feet feel it's a schottische. One of the best.

For a collection of tunes as small Gif's see Richard Robinson's tunebook, contains a few schottishes.

More suggestions or links anyone? Even a definitive spelling of schottische, schottisch, schottishe, schottish, scottische scottisch or scottishe would help!