DL format template

Example events page with a little bit of explanation and a few events listed, check the source HTML with your browser to see what is going on behind the scenes or look at this annotated HTML. Detailed explanation on the Date Format page.

Saturday, 12 April 1995:
Band one! at the ceilidh club, Somewhere
Saturday, 10 May 1995:
Junction 24 with Somebody Famous
Saturday, 14 June 1995:
Band to be announced with Somebody else famous calling at the dance club, Somewhere

This example uses the HTML 'Definition List' (<DL> </DL> with <DT> to give the date and <DD> to display the information) as in Webfeet. There is no need to use this format. The important part is the extra markup around the date, event and location information, the <A Name=".....">.....</A> anchors which are not visible when browsing. The Webfeet scripts only take information in these elements (so, for example you can also have events in a table, check the table based template.

To use this template, save the page, delete this explanation and update the dates (both the '19950412', which is there for the script but not displayed by the browser, and the 'Saturday, 12 April 1995' which is the readable equivalent, see the notes on the date), the Band name and description and the location.