Where you want to include explicit locations for different events you can use the L. tag:

    <A Name="D.RANTAN.19931009">Saturday, 9 October 1993</A>:
    <A Name="B.Dance.English Ceilidh">Ran Tan</A>, caller
    <A Name="C.">Gordon Potts</A>
    <A Name="L.UK.XXDDDDDD">Dance Series, Somewhere else</A>
    <A Name="D.END"></A>:

The text, in this case Dance Series, Somewhere else gets collected and included in the diaries and the flagfield within the Name anchor, the XXDDDDDD after the L.UK, gives the UK Ordinance Survey Map Reference. An example would be, for Cecil Sharp House:

    <A Name="L.UK.TQ294837">Krazy Feet, Cecil Sharp House, London</A>

This information is used to place the event on a clickable map - you will be able to see a map and select an area and get a list of the events in the locality.

6 Digit references

Don't forget to use the full code, 2 letters and 6 digits, if possible. For example Cecil Sharp House in Camden is TQ294835 giving a location tag would be L.UK.TQ294835. If you know the rough location you can give just a 4 digit mapref, for example if the event's in Camden but not necessarily in Cecil Sharp House, then you can use a L.UK.TQ2984.