Dances by Date

The annotated eCeilidh dances indexed by date; when they were written, collected or reappeared in new form.

You can also browse them alphabetically or by the number of dancers needed.


1588 >>
Horse's Branle appearing in Orchésographie


1652 >>
Trenchmore, and a reasonable description of a Strip the Willow, appears in the 2nd edition of Playford's Dancing Master
1695 >>
The Geud Man of Ballangigh appears in the 9th edition of the Dancing Master


1701 >>
Portsmouth appears in the 11th edition of the Dancing Master
1726 >>
Dr. Fauster's Tumblers appearing in Volume III, 2nd Edition of the Dancing Master
1744 >>
John Newbery records Thread the Needle as a children's game in A Little Pretty Pocket-Book
1799 >>
Speed the Plough first published


1815 >>
First mention of Sir Roger de Coverley
1843 >>
Sir Roger de Coverley appears in Dicken's Christmas Carol
1847 >>
First publication of La Russe Quadrille
1893 >>
Five Hand Reel appears in Thomas Hardy's The Fiddler of the Reels


1909 >>
The Country Dance Book published including Speed the Plough
Book II followed in 1911, III and IV in 1912 and 1916, Book V in 1918 and VI in 1922. the latter including Portsmouth and the Geud Man of Ballangigh
1928 >>
The Circassian Circle was collected by Maud Karples and published in Five Popular Country Dances 1933 (?)
1930's >>
One of several versions of the Nottingham Swing collected in Titchmarch in the 1930's
Aleman's Marsj arrives in France from Sweden, to become, later, La Chapelloise
1948 >>
A description of La Russe appeared in EFDSS's English Dance and Song
1949 >>
EFDSS's Community Dances Manual started appearing, the different books spread out over 18 years
The first book appeared in 1949 and included dances such as the Circassian and Big Circle, La Russe, the Virginia Reel and the five couple Waves of Tory.
Book 2 appeared the same year, with Speed the Plough
Book 3 appeared in 1952, including Drops of Brandy and The Rifleman.
Book 4 in 1954 and 5 in 1957, the latter including the Stoke Golding Country Dance
Book 6 in 1964 included the Nottingham Swing and Book 7 of 1967 included the Foula Reel
1956 >>
The Salty Dog Rag appears in the States
1966 >>
Waterfall Waltz won "Best Twympath Dance" in the Welsh National Eisteddfod
1974 >>
Staffordshire Knot
1977 >>
Horse's Brawl remolded by the Albion Band...
1982 >>
Country Bumpkin
1987 >>
Clopton Bridge
Encyclopedia Blowzabellica published
1990 >>


2000 >>
The New Mrs Arrowsmith
The Millenium All Stars
2012 >>
The Sloe Schottische