A good middle ranking band - not quite have the tight feel of Peeping Tom or maybe quite the panache of the Dave Whetstone band but provide a good, solid, energetic ceilidh. When dancing just note the sheer number of tunes they get through in an evening - three/four/five tunes per dance...



The Woodpecker Band, 1995, Nonsuch CD-01

Starts at a reserved pace - some parts would be fine for the English Folk Dance done in village halls round the country - but becomes more energetic. On first hearings it seems to have been recorded away from the heat of the dance but it definitely grows on you. The songs between the dance tunes are better than the normal.

  • Blarney Pilgrim / Sweets of May
  • Corn Rigs / Morpeth Rant / Sailor's Hornpipe
  • Martin's March / French Tune / Barrack Hill
  • The Trees they do grow high
  • Theme Tune / Joan's Jig / Leitrim Fancy
  • Battle of New Orleans / Bacca Pipes / Censored
  • Out on the Ocean / Gander in the Pratie Hole / Hag with the Money
  • Sylvie
  • Little Dog
  • Mason's Apron / Drowsy Maggie

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