Somewhat reminiscent of Peeping Tom, although not quite as heavily 'Rock Ceilidh', also a resemblance to Woodpecker. A regular rhythm to dance to again with the occasional Cajun or Cajun-sounding-Appalachian popping up.

It is worth checking whether they will have Trevor Bennett (ex-Gas Mark V) on trombone with them (he did guest appearances with them in Sidmouth '96). If so, make an extra effort to see them, the combination works well....


Taped Measures

Metric Foot, 1990, MF1

Side A

  • Maldon Market / The Shrubbery Jig (S.Graves)
  • The Quicksteps (Trad)
  • The Bright Blue Dancing Shoes (S.Graves)
  • The Clutha (Trad) / The Metric Foot Schottische (S.Graves)
  • The Kitchen Girl / The Painter's Polka (Trad)
  • Sort of Waltzing (A.May)
  • The Friendly Visit (Trad) / Off to California (Trad) / President Garfield's (Trad)

Side B

  • At the Dance (S.Graves)
  • The Lancers (Trad) / Sand Jig (Trad)
  • The Mudgey Waltz (Trad) / The Tombigree Waltz (Trad)
  • Space Doubt (M.Graves)
  • Do Something Sweet (A.May)
  • Hop High Ladies (Trad) / Round the Back Doubles (M.Graves)
  • The Cradley Heath Cock-up (G.Trice) / Winkles' Jig (S.Graves)
  • A Measure of K.Gin (Trad)

Foot Rules

Metric Foot, 1994/1995, MF CD2
  • The Sneaky Polka (S.Graves)
  • The Mud Race (Trad)
  • You cannot get an Englishman to Tango (S.Graves)
  • The Off (A.May)
  • Joe Cooley's / Ballymanus Fair / Cis Laithain (Trad)
  • Rise Again (M.Graves)
  • The Graves' Jigs (S.Graves / M.Graves)
  • The Salley Gardens (Trad)
  • Ted Lowe's Barn Dances (Trad))
  • Foot Rules (A.May)
  • Sam's Samba (M.Graves)
  • Spencer the Rover (Trad)
  • Atalanta (M.Graves)
  • Ye Mariners all (Trad)
  • Johnny Lover's Gone (Trad)
  • Under the Holly Bough (C.Mackay / M.Graves)

A Good Kicking

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