Scarcely an English Ceilidh band - far more of a French dance feel to them, bagpipes rather than Melodeons providing the dominant sound. They do do ceilidhs (or have done them in the past) and they make a nice contrast to the Rock Ceilidh tendency...

Recordings Wriggle

Eel Grinders, 1994

Side A

  • Danny Ab's (L. Morgan-Anstee) / Remind me Jig (L. Morgan-Anstee)
  • Town End (D. Faulkner)
  • Why did you promise to marry? (L. Morgan-Anstee)
  • Fell Swoop (L. Morgan-Anstee)
  • The Grasshopper (H. Torpy) / Feast of Parsnips (S. Turner)
  • Any Second Now! (L. Morgan-Anstee)

Side B

  • Turner's Jig (S. Turner)
  • Lilène (D. Faulkner)
  • Garnet Street (S. Turner)
  • Bonnie Isle of Whapsay
  • Strange Lunch (L. Morgan-Anstee)
  • Cuddy Splutter / Drops of Brandy
  • Attingham Waltz (H. Torpy)


Eel Grinders, EELCD01, 1996, CD

  • Droneless (L. Morgan-Anstee)
  • The Smiler (S. Turner)
  • The Absent Piper (D. Faulkner)
  • The Norfolk Frame (D. Faulkner) / The Kelpie (L. Morgan-Anstee)
  • The Sea Shell (S. Turner)
  • Torbryan Church (H. Torpy)
  • The Interview (D. Faulkner) / Reynard's Return (L. Morgan-Anstee)
  • Smokey The Parrot (H. Torpy)
  • Winter Solstice (D. Faulkner) / Graculus (S. Turner)
  • Red Sails (H. Torpy)
  • The Clipper (S. Turner)

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Eel Grinders, EELCD02, 2001, CD

  • Upwards (Turner)
  • Boxing Hares (Faulkner)
  • Starburst (Turner)
  • The Voyage (Turner)
  • The Microwave (Faulkner)
  • Slow Worm (Turner)
  • Georgina (Faulkner)
  • Off Centre (Turner)
  • Attingham Waltz (Torpy)
  • The Hill Changes Colour (Turner)

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