How can I... Add an event to

WhereCanWeGo runs an wide ranging diary which covers all sorts of events. Promoting an event is straightforward, it's a two step process; you register, log in and give details of the event.

Getting prepared...

You'll need to give a one-line 'Event Name', an up-to-400 word description of your event and the location, ideally with the postcode, it's a good idea to prepare these in advance.

It's important to include the Band Name in this single line entry and don't forget to include the description 'Barn Dance' or 'Ceilidh' as in

  • Hosepipe Band - Barn Dance
  • Pigeon English - Lincoln Tradition Ceilidhs

Without this if people search for Barn Dance or Ceilidh they'll not find the event.

The Event Name and the address get included in the title of the event so it's good to have the important information up visible in there.

A series of dances...

If you have a series of dances or are running a festival, give separate entries for individual events. You'll confuse people (and webfeet) if you say there's a ceilidh from Friday to Sunday.


To register you have to give your email address and a short password. Needless to say, don't choose a password you use anywhere else for anything important, it would be one you can write down somewhere and if you've forgotten you can ask for it to be emailed to you. You can also register extra information if you wish and opt to receive updates from the site - this is how you can get notifications for events close to you.

Once you click 'Continue', you'll get a welcome email which will ask you to click on a link to confirm that you've received it.

Entering your Event...

Once you've registered, you can log on and get a screen which allows you to 'Add An Event'. You'll be asked for:

  • An Event Name
  • A Description (up to 400 characters)
  • Where the event is - the address, a county and the postcode (if you know it)
  • A date and time
  • An email address (optional but used to forward enquiries)
  • A URL to more information (optional again) and a URL to a ticketing service (similarly optional)

You can fill in this information and press 'Continue' to see how the entry will be displayed. If you have given a postcode the entry will contain a link to Google Maps and you can check this as well. If you find a mistake you can go back and change (or delete) the entry.

You then select a number of 'event types' - whether it is Indoor or Outdoor, Free of Charge or not, whether there's wheelchair access and then, most probably, that it fits in the 'Music, Dance, Creative' category.

Finally you are given the option to 'upgrade' the entry to make it stand out more in the collected listings or just 'Submit Free' (the button's at the bottom left of the page).


If you need to make changes (and you can come back later to do this if you want), you can do this by logging on and following the 'Manage Current Events' link.