The Webfeet script and indexing doesn't make use of any sort of a thesaurus - that is, any hierarchy of dance styles - life would get too complicated. When indexing styles, the script relies on simple pattern matching, you see what the script is looking for in the heading of the events index. If you want an event to appear in a particular index then you should include those keywords in the flagfields.


The 'Dance-style' type tags currently being used are:

  • Dance
    • American
      • American Contra
    • Cajun
    • English
      • English Ceilidh
      • English Country or English Folk
    • Irish
      • Irish Set
    • European
      • French
        • French Traditional
      • Swedish
    • International
  • Workshop

When creating an event list, it helps to put in enough tags to give the Perl pattern matching something to get its teeth into. There's no problem putting in a number of tags, eg:

    <A Name="E.Dance.European.Scandanavian.Swedish">The Polksa Band</A>

(Unknown tags are not rejected - and may be useful at a later date)

The diaries started out just holding dance information so everything was assumed to be a 'dance' - with more bands playing for both dances and concerts it makes sence to include a dance or concert keyword in the entry - where it is known. In due course of time there may be separate diaries for dances and other gigs if the amount of information gets too large.