Sidmouth is the grandaddy of all folk festivals, pioneering world music of all shapes and sizes... A superb event that occupies the whole of this seaside town throughout the week

Rough Guide to World Music.

Let's face it, there can't be many places where you can attend participatory workshops on everything from Gregorian Chant via Melodeon to Tibetan Line Dancing

Folk Roots, December 1996.

Dance and Ceilidh events both in town and in the marquees up a mile or so up by the main camp site. As you would expect events are slightly less packed together than a weekend festival but a week of dancing can still be pretty strenuous.

The major venues for Ceilidh are the Anchor Gardens (behind the Anchor pub) at lunchtime 12:00 to 14:30. Tough on the legs in the heat and on the tarmac and less space than there used to be as the tables are creeping into the dance space. The best time and place for a good dance is the early evening slot, now in the Blackmore Gardens Marquee, generally with good bands and not too crowded. It's the session which used to be at the Bulverton and before that in the Bowd in years past. Having the Ceilidhs split does mean that you have a walk to get to the Late Night Extra's or a hurried bus ride. The LNE's (Late Night Extra's) are normally jam packed, hot and hectic.