The 'Englishness' of the music and dances strikes one early with this band. With J.K. calling the dances come with an introduction of where they came from and when, a pleasant counterpoint to the melting pot approach of a lot other bands and callers. The music generally has a simple and accessible feel, with easy but not overpowering rhythm. The exceptions come across with a tightpacked, marshall, feel to them.

Where English Ceilidh bands have at least some of their roots in Morris music, the JKCB would not surprisingly remind you of Border while Geckoes would remind you of the lighter Cotswold style.

The band seems to appear under a number of names - pending further investigation I'd say this is connected with the number of friends and relations are playing. The Bumper Ceilidh Band at C.Sharp House in the autumn of '95 had a full sound, although maybe a little cluttered.

In short, a nice band to dance to, although don't expect great swing in the music. (It is worth a chuckle to think that the original dancers of the two hundred+ year old dances would scarcely recognise them in the riot, energy and confusion of their English Ceilidh form.)


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