Letting Knees Up North provide the words....

Fiddlin' Around are a new twin fiddle band put together by Junction 24 frontman/fiddler Brian Stone with the intention of developing a high energy acoustic string sound that is also uplifting and exciting to dance to.

The two fiddlers work together so that an interplay of both rhythmic and^M melodic variations will produce a dynamic flow of exhilerating fiddling.

The band is keen on promoting the interest/popularity in French Canadian and Cape Breton music as well as music from New England and North America.

As with Junction 24 there is that wonderful swingy jazzy feel alongside diverse rhythmic elements which enhance the dance quality of the music. A sound to dance to.

The lineup is:

  • Brian Stone: Fiddle
  • Bob Tracey: Fiddle
  • Andrew King: Bass
  • Malcom Cole: Guitar

Who's Calling?

Fiddlin' Around, FACD001, 2003

  • King's Jig (B. Stone) / Valdivieso (B. Stone) / Chilean Red (B. Stone)
  • Crossing the Brazos / Cattle in the Cane / John McNeil's Reel
  • Hop Skip & Jump over Texas (B. Wills and M. Kelso) / Tableau Clog Dance
  • Fisher's Hornpipe / The Grumbling Old Man and the Cackling Old Woman
  • Fair Jenny (P. Barnes) / Para Handy (I. Gourlay)
  • Pacific Slope Reel (R. Miller) / Asher (R. Miller)
  • Coconut Waltz (B. Stone)
  • Dinkle's Reel (J. Holland) / Brenda Stubbert's Reel (J. Holland) / Sandymag's (B. Stone)
  • Merrily Kissed the Quaker / The Tipsy Sailor / Northside Kitchen
  • Irene's (B. Stone) / Eddie Stobart's (B. Stone) / Malc C's Reel (B. Stone)
  • Reel du Printemps / Reel du Goglu
  • Robertson's (B. Stone) / Sheena's Stomp (B. Stone)
  • Beaulieu / Reel De Pointe Au Pic
  • Uncle Henry's Reel (D. Messer) / The Cape Breton Symphony's Vist to The Shetland Isles (W. Hunter) / Punch in the Dark

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